High-quality Telepsychiatry

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One platform to assist doctors to manage their

clinics and patients to reach out to qualified

practitioners for their treatment.

Telepsychiatry simplified for all!

Your geographical location should not be a reason for the lack of treatment. Proper healthcare is a basic right and ZohRx comes with the idea of enabling excellent Telepsychiatry for one and all. The mission to solve mental health problems in India begins at ZohRx. Expert practitioners on the platform make it one of the best for all your mental health-related issues and complete treatment.

We offer –

  • Instant virtual exam rooms (removes duplicate data entry)
  • Scheduled Telehealth video visits
  • Telehealth and other consents
  • Unlimited video visits
  • Unlimited staff and patient accounts
  • No software downloads, video connects instantly in any browser on any device

24/7 customer service at your fingertips!


The team at ZohRx believes that every customer aligned with us deserves the highest priority. Our customer care services are always available for both practitioners as well as patients. We thrive to serve them right so that the telepsychiatry process becomes easier and simpler for them. Here’s what we share with our clients-

  • Self-guided setup walk-through
  • Interactive user training and knowledge base
  • Live instant technical support
  • Email and phone support also available
  • Account manager white glove setup
  • Live training

Telepsychiatry is the way to go ahead and ZohRx leads the wave

No need to walk out of your room!

Many patients feel embarrassed when it comes to mental health treatment! Now with ZohRx, there is no need to step out rather you can get your counseling sessions and treatment done right from your bedroom!

Behemoth of benefits

ZohRx improves access to mental health care in rural areas. We bring care to patients by reducing any possible delays. We follow up regarding continuity of treatment and reduce any stigma barrier. For practitioners, our platform helps brilliantly with patient, database, and practice management.

Everything is online

Our platform offers examination rooms for patients and doctors. We ensure that all the medical records are tracked regularly so that both the patient and doctor are updated with the coming line of treatment. ZohRx enhances the accessibility of doctors for such patients. We bridge the gap with the cohesive use of technology.