Medicare: What do I need to enroll in Doctor On Demand and access my Medicare Part B benefits?

If you are a Medicare Part B beneficiary, all you need to enroll and access your Part B benefits  is a valid email address, your Medicare ID number, and a phone number.  You will not need the insurance card for any supplementary coverage, such as Medigap. Ready to see a doctor?  Click here (INSERT LINK) to join now.

Medicare: Why am I now able to use Medicare benefits for Doctor On Demand?

the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), waived the restrictions on using telemedicine for Medicare beneficiaries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have Part A, but I don’t have Part B. Does Medicare cover my Doctor On Demand visit?

Part A does not cover Doctor on Demand visits. If you don’t have Part B, you may have another form of insurance that offers Doctor On Demand as a benefit. You can check if that insurance company offers Doctor On Demand once you create a free account.

Medicare: What are the eligibility requirements for using Medicare Part B to cover the cost of Doctor On Demand services?

To access Medicare Part B coverage for your visits, you must be enrolled in Part B and provide your valid Medicare number (found on your Medicare Health Insurance card).

Medicare Part B: Will I be able to use Doctor On Demand permanently?

CMS waived the restriction on using telemedicine due to the public health emergency. We do not know if this will be a permanent change. Until further notice, telemedicine is considered a covered benefit.